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User Manuals

New Quick-Start Guide X350PRO -Updated 20/04/14

QR X350 PRO User Manual

iLOOK Camera User Manual

QR X350PRO Quick Start Guide

DEVO10 User Manual

DEVO F7 User Manual

Splashdrone PRO User Manual - Detail

Splashdrone AUTO User Manual - Australian Version

Splashdrone PRO/RTF User Manual - Australian Version

 Splashdrone FAQ and Tips


Firmware for QR X350PRO -original version

Firmware for QR X350PRO - updated version 1.1 - This upgrade optimizes control handle and stability under GPS mode

Splashdrone Software Assistant

Splashdrone Ground Station for IOS

Splashdrone Ground Station APK file for Android

Spare Parts Guide

QRX350PRO Spare Parts Guide

G-2D Gimble Spare Parts Guide

RUNNER250 Spare Parts Guide

WALKERA X800 Spare Parts Guide

WALKERA TALIH500 Spare Parts Guide

 WALKERA SCOUT Spare Parts Guide

Video Guides

Quick Start Guide for DEVO10 Package Quick Start Guide for DEVOF7 Package Quick Start Guide for G-2D Gimble