Walkera F210
Published at 12 Mar 2016

Walkera F210 Racing Quadcopter

You could say we were a little skeptical upon receiving the F210 racer. After past history with the 250 runner, 250 advance and even the 320 failure, we had low expectations.

We were all very pleasantly surprised when we got this awesome quad off the ground and found instant stability and power.


Wow… this thing flies really well! After the lackluster performance of the Runner 250, Walkera have really done a good job with the F210.

It handles very nicely — that honestly was my first FPV flight with this quad — and has plenty of punch.

The F210 delivers on all of the below:
– reasonably lightweight (562g)
– handles very well
– plenty of punch with a 4S pack
– super-simple to get flying (no soldering or assembly required)
– much tougher than the Runner 250
– much faster than the Runner 250


Here is a video of our testing.



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